Chris Taylor, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

With almost 20 years of management experience, Chris Taylor brings strength and leadership to his position as Chief Operating Officer of PeachTree Inpatient Consulting. Taylor co-founded the firm because of his desire to help his clients grow both their revenue and their patientís level of satisfaction.

Taylor has served various executive roles such as Administrator and Vice President of Business Development within the telecommunications and healthcare industries. As an integral member of senior management teams, he has provided executive leadership to others in the core principles of management, marketing, operations, research and financial analysis.

Throughout his healthcare career, Taylor has been instrumental in the development of new business opportunities, creating value added services for various clinical segments that have contributed to the overall success of healthcare systems, organizations and facilities. He has worked as a strategic and functional partner with several healthcare facilities in order to develop and achieve specific program plans for financial performance, clinical quality, service excellence and patient centered priorities. Taylor has executed local growth initiatives to improve business unit operations and relationships within specific medical facilities, administration and medical directors within the community.

Taylor holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from King College in Bristol, Tennessee as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.